Uh Oh, The Barometer is Dropping

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What does a drop in barometric pressure mean?

Uh Oh, The Barometer is Dropping

Your heart rate is up, your blood pressure is down, but oh no, according to your barometer weather station instrument, so is the barometric pressure. Whether you measure it in hectopascals or millibars (1,000 millibars=1 bar=100,000 Netwons acting on one square meter), the pressure above sea level has declined.

That can only mean one thing: A storm is coming.

A barometer, along with a rain gauge and wind direction sensor, is an excellent way to predict storm activity. You need to check wether history to find out the average barometric pressure for your reading. Is it 999 hPa or 61 mb? If the pressure readings drop, and the wind velicity is up, you're in for a thunderstorm.

Just make sure you check both surface and sea level readings, since barometric pressure levels can vary depending on whether you're on a mountainside or on terra firma.

Just make sure your blood pressure doesn't rise. Be calm, be cool. You've been forewarned. Now if only we could predict heart attacks so easily.



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