Best Rain Gauge Sites?

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What's the best site for a rain gauge?

Best Rain Gauge Sites?

You stepped outside without your umbrella and you're already soaked. What did Mom always tell you?

"Take an umbrella in case it rains."

"Take your raincoat."

"Don't place your rain gauge less than a foot above ground level, especially if there are trees around."


Mom knows that she's talking about. She also has the following advice:

* Place rain gauges away from other weather instrument sensors such as a wireless thermometer or barometer, since the signals can interfere with each other.
* Mount the rain sensor on a pole or post away from sources of dirt and grime--but most rain gauges are self-cleaning (unlike your room, Mom says).
* If your rain gauge is cabled, check cables to make sure that rain spillage hasn't caused shorts or a possible fire.
* Place rain gauges at twice the height of obstructions to get the most accurate readings.
* Don't just rely on your rain gauge for storm detection! Check wind direction, look at your barometer, and take the air temperature with a wireless thermometer.

Finally, always remember your raincoat and boots. Don't forget to call your mother once in a while, either.



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