Thermostats and Wireless Thermometers

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Can I automate my thermostat with my wireless thermometer?

Thermostats and Wireless Thermometers

Programmable thermostats. You remember the routine. 78 when you're at home, 85 when you're not. But can you flex your power and sync your wireless thermometer with your thermostat so your thermostat will automatically lower the temp?

Thanks to smart home technology, that day is coming, but for right now, you'll just have to rely on your own old-fashioned initiative. Still, a wireless thermometer can help you set your programmable thermostat more effectively.

Of any weather station instrument--rain gauge, barometer, wind direction sensor--the wireless thermometer is the most important for home comfort and energy savings. You can check your thermometer history on your weather station software to determine when the house is hottest and when it's coldest. Say that your bathroom feels like a blast furnace in the morning when you're dressing and your wireless thermometer says it's 80 degrees inside. You can set your thermostat to 76 or 78 degrees between 5 to 7 a.m. You'll dress in comfort, and save energy!

So until you buy the house of the future, flex your power and keep your wireless thermometer handy.



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