Detecting Dewpoint around Doors

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My doors and windows stick, is this because of dewpoint?

Detecting Dewpoint around Doors

Your frotn and back doors won't open in August, keeping your in-laws out (good) and the kids indoors (bad). Why?

Check your weather station instrument, especially your home monitor unit. A wireless thermometer and hygrometer will detect both the rise in temperature and the accompanying rise in dewpoint. A dewpoint above 60 percent means the in-laws have to pull the door open (your brother-in-law was captain of the wrestling team and looks like Charles Bronson), and a dewpoint of 80 percent means even your father-in-law's long-winded monologues can't coax the door open. Meanwhile, the kids are plotting the Great Escape through the roof.

Adjust your air conditioning and fans before the dewpoint reaches critical. Use your wireless thermometer and hygrometer to track shifts and rises in air moisture so you can calibrate your air conditioner to combat the sticky-door effect. A little WD-40 on the hinges never hurts, either.

Now your in-laws are in for the evening and your kids are outside playing. Just keep monitoring every home weather instrument you have so you never find yourself trapped indoors with your children and your in-laws, or you'll pull a jailbreak worthy of Steve McQueen.



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