Radiation and Wireless Weather Stations

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Will radiation interfere with my wireless weather station?

Radiation and Wireless Weather Stations

You successfully hooked up yet another wireless device: your indoor or backyard wireless home weather station. You never counted on radiation from your television, heater or other heat source to frustrate you and make you pull your hair out at the interference. Now you look as though a strong wind came up and blew away your hair. Your family scratches their heads: wasn't this $400 wireless weather station supposed to predict strong winds?

Before you go for the Rogaine, take your wireless weather station back and exchange it for wireless weather stations with radiation shielding. Radiation shielding inside a Davis Instruments or oregon Scientific wireless home weather station protects against harmful reflected or radiated heat. The shielding usually houses the transmitter, and the battery as well, so you won't have to buy "C" batteries when you're shelling out cash for a year's supply of Rogaine.

N.B.: Handheld wireless weather station indicators normally don't have radiation shielding, whereas complete wireless weather station kits do. Handhelds, especially aluminum portable wireless weather stations, may not require radiation shielding.

So the next time you're tempted to tear your hair out while configuring a wireless home weather station, make sure it's because the instruction manual is confusing and not because you're dealing with radiation.



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