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How do I safely operate my portable weather station?

Portable Weather Station Safety

Who would have thought it might be more dangerous to use your portable weather stations than to go outside in a blizzard? Dangerous, that is, because a portable weather station that doesn't work correctly can leave you unprepared for weatehr changes.

It's dangerously embarrassing to wear a hat and mittens when the day turns out to be sunny.

On a more serious note, if you can't detect ice forming on your walks overnight, you might slip and fall. Or your weather sensor won't tell you when the three comfort zones your monitoring have turned damp because there's a leak in your roof or basement. Some tips for portable care:

* Your weather sensor may be resistant to cold climates, which can exhaust the life of your batteries. Buy lithium-ion batteries designed for cold climates.
--Follow the instructions in your manual about cleaning the casing and the LCD screen.
--Get a radiation-prevention fan that can dispel radiation, which damages portable weather stations.
--Place portable weather stations near heat sinks that absorb radiation.
--Don't expose sensors or consoles to extreme heat or cold. Unless your sensor apparatus is solar-powered, place sensors in cool dry areas. Rain is no problem, since most portable weather stations and hygrometers are waterproof.

Don't risk dangerous embarrassment or severe injury. Take care of your portable weather station and facing a blizzard will seem easy.

Why should I buy a desktop projection station?

Desktop Weather Projection Station

You have desktop alarms, desktop lamps, a desktop PC...your desktop has everything on it except papers! Now, add to the assortment a desktop weather projection station.

The attractive La Crosse thermo-hygrometer can sit on your desktop and monitor temperature, humidity, indoor comfort indicator (sometimes you forget comfort when you're trying to find your tax documents), as well as potential storm conditions.

Since the La Crosse desktop weather station can be moved, your desk will look less cluttered should you decide to move it to, say, the kitchen table. Make sure, though, that you have outdoor remote sensors positioned in cool, dry locations within range of wherever you want to move portable weather stations.

You're assured the indoor and outdoor weather conditions are favorable. Time to look for those tax documents, and the stereo remote control you had on your desktop five minutes ago!

Can a hand held weather station tell me when to fish or sail?

Angler's and Sailor's Weather Stations

You can't see when the tide is coming in, and you don't want to hit a sandbar or be left high and dry. Also, how can you tell if the winds will come at last to propel your sailboat?

Ahoy, there's a hand held weather station for sailors!

You want to know when you can best catch a huge sturgeon. If only a portable weather station could tell you where the fishes feed based on tides, sunrises and sunsets, and the phases of the moon.

This is no fish tale: You can buy an angler's portable weather station!

All you need is:

1) your coordinates for fishing or sailing
2) the time and date of your fishing or sailing trip
3) the port you'll be departing from, if you're sailing

Presto--your specialty hand held weather station will calculate the tides and winds, or the location of the fish buffet!

If you're a nature lover rather than an aquatic enthusiast, you can buy portable weather stations that predict camping conditions as well as animal movements.

Enjoy the sun, surf, water, and fishing thanks to your specialty hand held weather station.

Can I buy PDA/portable weather station combos?

PDA/Portable Weather Station Combos?

Handheld computers, PDAs, Palm computers and Blackberries can do everything except sew buttons and clean your clothes. You can get weather from the Web on your mobile phone. But can you combine a hand held weather station with a mobile phone or handheld computer?

A random sample of the Internet reveals that you can buy:

* Wristwatches that monitor the weather
* Weather emergency radios
* Weather stations with cordless phones
* Hygrometers with clocks and calendars

However, there are no PDAs that are also portable weather stations. Sorry! We recommend the Oregon Scientific Handheld Weather Forecaster--almost as cool as a Blackberry! Sadly, it won't sew your buttons either...but it will tell you when you need your raincoat.

Are desktop weather stations more expensive than complete sets?

Price of Desktop Weather Stations

Weather stations, you think, are just one more high-priced gadget the Home Shopping Network hawks.

But wait! The desktop weather station is less expensive!

Right, you think. If I act now, do I also receive a set of Ginsu knives and a microwave egg cooker?

Actually, desktop portable weather stations are less expensive. The WS-9035U La Crosse Desktop Weather Station with Wind Speed and the Oregon Scientific Cable Free Barometer w/ ThermoHygrometer average $100 or less. Complete high-end weather stations can cost $450 or more, not exactly what you want to spend if you're interested in temperature-at-a-glance.

Desktop portable weather stations don't require an additional barometer, thermometer or hygrometer unless you want one.

The bad news: You'll probably get an extra temperature sensor with your desktop weather station...and you were looking forward to those steak knives, too.

Can a hand held weather station keep me from overheating?

Hand Held Thermometers and Dehydration

Worried that you won't feel how hot it is in Death Valley or the Kalahari Desert before you succumb to dehydration? Carry a hand hand weather station thermometer and hygrometer, which can read humidity as well as changes in heat.

A hand held weather station isn't the only way to keep from overheating. Some ways to prevent heatstroke:

* Rest in the shade as much as possible. Bring umbrellas and hats.
* Drink plenty of water. Take at least two gallons with you.
* Carry a portable fan.
* Use portable weather stations with timers to check how long you've been in the sun. Rest in the shade every half hour, even if you're at the beach.
* Scout around with your thermometer for drops in temperature.

Remember that the most advanced hygrometer hand held weather station can't match the information your body gives you. If you don't feel thirsty or hot yet, drink water. Your body is the best thermometer you'll ever own.

Can I combine my radio with a portable weather station?

A Weather Station with News and Tunes

Portable weather stations come with backlights, with time displays, storm alerts...and Frank Sinatra?

A portable weather station with music? The Midland WR300 Weather and Public Alert Radio with AM/FM is a hand held weather station. It doesn't monitor temperature, barometric pressure or rainfall, but it picks up NOAA alerts and even nuclear plant accident warnings.

Say you want to switch to the oldies station when you're surfing at the beach. The radio portable weather station will break into "Surf City" to warn you about an approaching storm front on the coast where you're having your beach picnic.

If you want to monitor weather conditions yourself, a hand held weather station is a good investment in addition to the weather alert radio. Ol' Blue Eyes was always prepared, and that's why he's still singign about rain in his heart as well as foggy days in London town.

What's a stylish desktop weather station for the office?

Around the Weather, er, Water Cooler

The whole office is talking, and it's not because Anderson in Accounting got a raise when no one else did.

Anderson from Accounting has a stylish modular desktop weather station. What's more, she attached a weather sensor outside the window of her corner office. She always seems to know which way the wind is blowing...literally.

Portable weather stations can dress up the office as well as the home. The attractive Oregon Scientific RMR612HGA Titanium Thermo-Hygrometer with Atomic Clock can also help your company. After all, knowing the weather helps you:

* plan the office party
* know whether shipments and packages will be delayed because of local conditions
* take an educated guess when clients won't patronize your busienss because it's snowing/raining

You might not have gotten a raise, but you could buy yourself a portable weather station. Or you could recommend your office buy a complete weather station. But first you should drop by Anderson's office to congratulate her and to learn more about her desktop weather station. Hey, it beats hanging out around the water cooler listening to the guys from Sales discussing the football scores.

Will my portable weather station detect lightning headed my way?

Lighning's Striking Again

Your Davis Perception II Monitor looks sleek and sophisticated...but you're jittery. After all, you have narrowly missed a lightning strike and were this close to starring on "Storm Stories" or "Unsolved Mysteries." You've seen the Lifetime TV reruns. Your Davis hand held weather station can detect storms, but can it detect lightning?

There are hand held lightning detectors that show you:

* Range
* Approach speed
* Location
* Severity

If you're in imminent danger, it flashes a "Smile, you're on 'Fear Factor'" message.

All joking aside, you can reduce the risk of lightning damage by monitoring your desktop weather station or portable weather station for drops in barometric pressure and by analyzing weather history--when do lightning storms usually descend on your area?

Don't forget to use your eyes and remember science class. You see the lightning before you hear the thunder because light travels faster than sound. But it's best to check your lightning detector and not be out where the lightning might strike you. You want your name in the paper someday, but not because you forgot to buy portable weather stations.

Can a portable weather station show me the temperature in my pool?

Portables and Poolsides

You need to know if the pool water is 80 degrees for the party tomorrow, since you see that tomorrow will be 60 degrees according to your portable weather station receiver that you keep in your bedroom...you know, looking onto the pool area.

You could get a pool thermometer or sensor, but honestly, the cabanas tend to block the signals. Should you hire a pool man? Too late...you only budgeted for the pool. You are the pool man.

If your portable weather station with the basic sensor is an Oregon Scientific, you can buy the Wireless Pool and Spa Thermometer System with an antenna receiver that can get aroudn the cabanas.

Oh! The floating pool and spa thermometer transmits to your portable weather station monitor, and makes a great conversation piece...second only to your new swimsuit.

Break out the lemonade and frozen fruit concoctions, because the pool is 80 degrees and the hot tub will make your guests think they're on vacation in the tropics. Of course, your plastic flamingoes don't exactly make your pool area Tahiti in miniature, but your desktop weather station can keep the party smooth nonetheless.

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