Lighning's Striking Again

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Will my portable weather station detect lightning headed my way?

Lighning's Striking Again

Your Davis Perception II Monitor looks sleek and sophisticated...but you're jittery. After all, you have narrowly missed a lightning strike and were this close to starring on "Storm Stories" or "Unsolved Mysteries." You've seen the Lifetime TV reruns. Your Davis hand held weather station can detect storms, but can it detect lightning?

There are hand held lightning detectors that show you:

* Range
* Approach speed
* Location
* Severity

If you're in imminent danger, it flashes a "Smile, you're on 'Fear Factor'" message.

All joking aside, you can reduce the risk of lightning damage by monitoring your desktop weather station or portable weather station for drops in barometric pressure and by analyzing weather history--when do lightning storms usually descend on your area?

Don't forget to use your eyes and remember science class. You see the lightning before you hear the thunder because light travels faster than sound. But it's best to check your lightning detector and not be out where the lightning might strike you. You want your name in the paper someday, but not because you forgot to buy portable weather stations.



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