Angler's and Sailor's Weather Stations

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Can a hand held weather station tell me when to fish or sail?

Angler's and Sailor's Weather Stations

You can't see when the tide is coming in, and you don't want to hit a sandbar or be left high and dry. Also, how can you tell if the winds will come at last to propel your sailboat?

Ahoy, there's a hand held weather station for sailors!

You want to know when you can best catch a huge sturgeon. If only a portable weather station could tell you where the fishes feed based on tides, sunrises and sunsets, and the phases of the moon.

This is no fish tale: You can buy an angler's portable weather station!

All you need is:

1) your coordinates for fishing or sailing
2) the time and date of your fishing or sailing trip
3) the port you'll be departing from, if you're sailing

Presto--your specialty hand held weather station will calculate the tides and winds, or the location of the fish buffet!

If you're a nature lover rather than an aquatic enthusiast, you can buy portable weather stations that predict camping conditions as well as animal movements.

Enjoy the sun, surf, water, and fishing thanks to your specialty hand held weather station.



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