Same Sensors, Different Temperatures

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Why do outdoor and indoor wireless sensors display different temps?

Same Sensors, Different Temperatures

Your outdoor weather station sensor says that you don't need a jacket. When you go out for the evening, you shiver all night and it's not because your date is attractive. When you return home to check your indoor temperature sensor, it tells you what your goosebumps have been saying all night.

Indoor and outdoor sensors for wireless weather stations are designed for different environments. The heat sink for your indoor sensor shields against interference, although your outdoor wireless home weather station sensors should guard against radiation too. You get a more accurate reading indoors. In addition, your outdoor sensors have to detect temperature at a much greater range. In wireless weather stations, the greater the sensor range, the less accurate the readings will be.

--Use temperature sensors compatible with or at least made by the same manufacturer as your wireless weather station.
--Unless your outdoor sensors are solar-powered, place them in cool dry spots for best results.

You have your wireless weather station configured correctly. Now when you get goosebumps, you're wearing a jacket...and your date could be the love of your life. Your new pickup line: "Want to come back to my place and see my temperature sensors?"



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