The Straight Talk on Backyard Wireless Weather Stations

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How far will the straight-line signal go with backyard stations?

The Straight Talk on Backyard Wireless Weather Stations

Your wireless weather station wind direction sensor perches on the front of your house, while your wireless home weather station main monitor rests on a console table in your backyard. Yet you didn't detect the wind until it blew the cover off your pool.

Straight-line signals weaken the more walls they pass through. In addition, readings from wall-mount or roof-mount sensors might be blocked by metal sheeting. Check your walls and roof for hidden metal.

Consider moving your front-door sensor to your backyard. Chances are that any wind you need to detect will come from that direction anyway. The fewer walls wireless signals need to navigate, the more accurate your readings will be.

That said, don't place your outdoor monitors too close to each other or they can cause inconsistencies. While readings usually vary, for example, one to two temperature points between monitors, you don't want to have one monitor proclaiming -15 degrees and one that tells you it's time to don a bikini!

A final thought: Your pool cover may have blown off because you didn't secure it, so check your own backyard before you worry about what's going on in the sky.



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