Cabled or Cable-Free?

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Should I choose a cabled or wireless weather station?

Cabled or Cable-Free?

You refuse to go cordless, love dial-up (why????), and are perfectly content to plug in your keyboard, thank you. You don't even own a cell phone. Welcome to the diverse world of electronics. But everyone has been trying to entice you to choose wireless weather stations.

Aha, you say, but cell phones are distracting, wireless/cable Internet is vulnerable to hackers, and I dodn't need to multitask while talking on the phone.

While your family and friends shake their heads, you gently remind them that you live in an aluminum-siding modular house and that wireless can't transmit well through metal. Plus, your weather station is, well, stationary.

But you're tempted to try a wireless home weather station, thinking that cabled weather stations aren't as chic-looking. The Davis Weather Monitor II looks like a Pocket PC and you can hide the cable when the monitor sits by your family room armchair. So you can at least keep up the appearance of being in step with this cable-free world...if only to avoid those gifts of cell phones and PDAs from well-meaning relatives.



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