Travel and Digital Wireless Weather Stations

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Can I monitor the weather when I'm driving or flying?

Travel and Digital Wireless Weather Stations

It's time to get away. You're taking that drive through the Grand Canyon or the mountains in Sedona. Your digital wireless weather station , apparently has gone on vacation too. You know it's going to be hot tomorrow, but you don't know how hot, or whether you want to go star-gazing tonight.

Or you're aboard an airplane and want to read the outside temp. Better not turn on your portable wireless weather stations, they could interfere with the operation of the aircraft. If you're flying into a storm cloud, you'll know when the "fasten seat belts" sign comes on.

Your handheld Oregon Scientific digital weather forecaster shouldn't give you any trouble on your road trip. That said, mountains, especially ones with copper or metal deposits, can shield you from wireless coverage. Before you pack your wireless weather station, gather information about your route. Your fellow amateur meteorologists will be happy to supply information about your vacation spots or make sure that you pack the right gear for your business trip.

After all, whether you're camping under the stars or dodging the rain on the way to a company meeting, you need to be prepared.



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