Rain Gauge, Go Away

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Do I need a rain collector with my personal weather station?

Rain Gauge, Go Away

Your Arizona desert home receives less than one inch of rainfall a year, but all the personal weather stations you've looked at come with rain collectors. All your guides to home weather stations say you need a rain gauge.

Like laptop computers or other personal electronics, personal weather stations are designed to suit your needs and your lifestyle. You wouldn't buy a gaming computer if you mainly wanted to check e-mail and write letters. You wouldn't choose a tower of power sound system with huge tweeters and woofers if you lived in a Zen retreat.

Guess what? If you don't get any rain, you don't need to buy a rain gauge, and there are home weather stations without them. The Davis Standard Weather Wizard III, for example, doesn't include a rain guage but can still tell when the rare thunderstorm approaches your mesa home.

The whole point of home electronics is to make your home more comfortable and improve the quality of life. Don't cloud the issue by buying personal weather stations with rain collectors.



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