Turning Up the Heat on Indoor Weather Stations

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Will meteorological stations be accurate in hot weather?

Turning Up the Heat on Indoor Weather Stations

It's 100 in the shade where you positioned your remote sensor. Will the heat fry your indoor weather station through your wireless connection? Not to worry.

Any heavy-duty professional meteorological weather station has an aspirating fan system that deflects heat radiation.

You've heard it before: Radiation interferes with wireless communications. It also can throw off the temperature readings. Ever notice how, when you leave a car out in the heat, the car's temperature inside is higher than the outside temp?

The aspirating fan acts like a folding cardboard or plastic windshield protector. This means that the indoor weather station sensor stays cool even though the mercury's rising.

So it's not just you. According to your indoor weather station sensor, it's genuinely hot outside.



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