Meteorological Weather Station Goes to College

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Is a meteorological weather station good for my college dorm?

Meteorological Weather Station Goes to College

Do you have your checklist for college?

* Reading lamp.
* College logo sweatshirt. Go Blue!
* College mug. Go Clemson Tigers!
* Coffee maker.
* Alarm clock.
* Laptop computer.
* Meteorological weather station.

Hold up. Meteorological weather station? You're a Music Composition major. The only way you'll be interested in the weather is if the university declares a snow day. Plus, you have to plan what to wear so you don't look like a complete freshman.

A meteorological weather station can actually help you at college, especially when you move into an apartment off-campus. Depending on the school, utilities may or may not be included, which means you'll be paying your ecooling or heating bill. Plus, you want to save the environment, don't you? Of course you do. College is a time to engage with the world...and look like an upperclassman who's cool (not sweating).

If your dorm doesn't allow indoor weather stations, do what college students have always done: Bring one anyway. Causing trouble at college is, after all, on your checklist.



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