Energy Efficient Home Weather Stations

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Are home meteorological stations energy efficient?

Energy Efficient Home Weather Stations

Oh no, are you contributing to the energy crisis? Should you start walking to work? No, live two hours away. You leave your computers on all night and have been known to leave the screen door open so all the air conditioning leaks out.

However, you just bought a meteorological weather station. Now you can heat and cool your home and love the earth thanks to the detailed indoor temperature readings. You'll know if too much air escapes out your screen windows and doors.

But wait--is your indoor weather station itself energy-efficient? You might drive a gas guzzler, but you want to do your part.

A meterological weather station saves energy by monitoring your plants (no wasting water with your sprinklers), indoor temp (did you forget energy-efficient insulation?), and even itself. It will monitor its own battery usage, so you can have a handy supply of batteries for both receivers and sensors.

You may not be chosen Environmentalist of the Year, but you can at least do your part to save a little more energy.



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