Outdoor Weather Station Maintenance

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How do I maintain my outdoor weather station?

Outdoor Weather Station Maintenance

You finally have your perfect indoor/outdoor weather station. Don't let your meteorological marvel become a meteorological weather station menace. Some tips to keep stormy weather at bay:

* Ants and other insects aren't hibernating from the cold, they're chewing your outdoor weather station equipment. Use insecticide around your sensors.
* Trim vegetation that can block signals from sensors, unless you're monitoring leaf moisture.
* If your outdoor weather station is cabled, lay the cable in a PVC conduit to prevent animals, contractors, mowers, and your kids from disturbing it.
* Securely tie cables to the wall to prevent wind damage.
* Securely mount wireless sensors to cut down on interference.
* Unplug anemometers or rain gauges with electric heaters in the spring and summer.
* Do not store chemicals near meterological weather station sensors, and don't spill insecticides or other hazards on sensor casings.

Take care of your meterological weather station and you won't have to worry that it will abandon you when the monsoons arrive.



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