New Heathkit Weather Station

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Can I buy a newer model Heathkit weather station?

New Heathkit Weather Station

You remember your old Heathkit weather station. While others upgraded to the Davis weather station or the Vantage Pro weather station, you stuck with your Oregon Scientific-looking monitors that pruported to provide more local data than other weather stations.

For you, there's no need to compare wireless weather stations. Like Coke, Heathkit is it. But you can't find a newer Heathkit model or a replacement wind direction sensor.

Fear not, you won't have to switch to Pepsi. Forecast Technologies now manufactures the Heathkit weather station, renamed WeatherQuest, and if you have a Heathkit 4001, you can trade it in for the Heathkit ID-5001 advanced weather computer. There are even new accessories such as the Solar Intensity Sensor. Granted, it might not be as sophisticated-looking as the Vantage Pro weather station sensor, but you prefer simplicty and power.

Are you getting a little too fanatical? No, you just know what you want. At least your choice will help you stay healthy.



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