Information at a Glance

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Which weather station displays all data from the sensors at a glance?

Information at a Glance

You hate toggling between displays on your Lifecycle. You don't even like looking for different sales data--that's why your desk looks like a tornado touched down in your office.

When it comes to the weather, you're equally impatient. When you compare wireless weather stations, you like to display all of them side by side on the Internet--you'd line them all up in the store if you could.

But you're too impatient to read the features and specs that tell you whether you can see all the data from nine remote sensors at once, so we'll just summarize.

If you're looking for simultaneous data on the Ferrari Monza Oregon Scientific weather station, the description says "at a glance" data from up to three remote sensors. Not what you're looking for? Don't worry. Read on.

The wireless Vantage Pro weather station, and Vantage Pro 2 model, shows sensor graphs and information displays, including historic weather data, at a glance, transmitted from the sensor suite.

Of course, you could slow down, smell the roses, clean up your desk, and get a touch screen LaCrosse weather station...otherwise you might have to monitor your blood pressure too.

Maybe not. After all, you thrive on knowing the whole picture. But it still wouldn't hurt to organize your desk.



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