Storm Data Backups

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How often will my computer weather station back up data?

Storm Data Backups

Quick weather station software quiz: How often should I back up my weather station software data?

Unless you want all your data to be lost because of a storm, back up your data the minute your home receiver sends a storm warning alarm.

Most weather station software will store data for up to two weeks, but it's up to you to create computer backups for longer periods. Some tips:

* We recommend backing up your data on CD-RW.
* If you can buy higher-end tape drives, do so.
* If you're uploading data onto a weather Web site, make sure your Web hosting service mnakes regular data backups.
* If you do CD-RW backups, make multiple copies and store some in the freezer or safe...just in case the power goes out and the continued humidity you've been tracking overheats your CD-RW copies.
* Invest in surge protectors for your weather receivers and your PC weather stations so power surges don't short them out.

Now that you've predicted a blizzard's coming thanks to your software and your eight months of reports, you can back up your data with complete confidence.



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