Cell Phones and Wireless Weather Software

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Can I receive data from my PC weather station on my cell phone?

Cell Phones and Wireless Weather Software

Although carrying a handheld weather forecaster might mark you as a weather nut, you want to see if it's snowing in your home in Colorado while you're in the south of France.

N.B.: European data transfers, especially the Vantage Pro Console Link, operate on different frequencies than US data transfers. If you're linking your computer and cell phone with your Weather Wizard, make sure you're tuned to the correct frequency. For US users, it's 916.5 MHz; for overseas users, it's 76170 VO.

Once you have the language barrier out of the way, can you receive data on your Motorola? Absolutely--just check your cell phone manufacturer and handheld OS. Your manual will provide instructions on how to configure the data link between your Nokia and your Dell desktop. Actually, so far we've only seen compatibility with Motorola technology, but this may change.

After all, while you're not weather-obsessed, you'd like to make sure your sidewalk doesn't crack while you're on business soaking up the sunshine.



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