Weather Station Software and Celeron

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How fast should my computer be to run weather station software?

Weather Station Software and Celeron

You don't clog your computer with spyware thanks to StopZilla and SpyBot. Your Gateway operating system is Windows 98 and your processor is 300 MHz. Do you need to upgrade to a Gateway with a Celeron high-speed processor to run weather station software?

Windows users know full well that bugs in older OS versions can make even the fastest processor produce the "hourglass waiting" cursor. Make sure your operating system is, well, operational. Fortunately, weather station software doesn't require a lot of disk space or computing speed by itself, but if you're creating an extensive weather database, you might notice lag times.

If you can't upgrade from your dinosaur, don't try to run a virutal Web server with your weathercam. System performance affects bandwidth and data transmission speed. You might have the most wonderful PC weather station or Mac computer weather station, but if your current Web weather info says it's storming outside when there hasn't been any rain in a month, you have a problem.

That said, remember you're not in the long-term weather forecasting business, so your computer will probably limp along in the short-term. bought your weather station to predict the weather, so shop around for a new model. Don't forget to keep fighting spyware. You want weather alerts, not Viagra popups.



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