Independent Soil Probes

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Can I use other soil probes with my weather station?

Independent Soil Probes

You're not sure of the readings you're getting from your weather station. When setting up a weather station, you think, don't you receive the readings the manufacturer specifies? Of course--that's why you buy a LaCrosse weather station rather than creating a home made weather station.

Still, like all independents (you tend to doubt the "official" story about anything, from the JFK assassination to the dinosaur extinction), you want objective confirmation of data.

You've seen a nifty soil moisture probe in garden shops. Will it work with your weather station? Don't rush to suspect a conspiracy, but when you build a weather station, you need to use the soil/leaf moisture probes that the manufacturer recommends. Is it a vast weather conspiracy? Have UFOs visited the earth? Can you trust the soil data you're receiving?

Sorry to disappoint, but the data from approved temperatured probes is valid. You'll have to save your conspiracy suspicions for political conventions.



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