Kids and Weather Stations

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Can kids set up a weather station?

Kids and Weather Stations

Your digital monitors may be cool and educational, for your children. But there's no question children learn by doing, and spend too much time staring at electronic gadgets. The next time your child wants to play with your weather station, help her build a weather station all her own.

Setting up a weather station with your child is a wodnerful way to teach:

* Weather principles
* Weather safety
* Measurements
* Science principles
* Being prepared, such as knowing when to wear rain gear to school

Your local science museum or library will have resources on how to create a home made weather station. You usually need simple materials:

* Rulers
* Containers for rain collection and barometric pressure readings
* Arrows for wind "sensors"
* Arrows for hygrometers to detect humidity
* Notebook so kids can keep track of weather conditions
* Paper cups and plates for homemade anemometers
* Regular thermometer

You and your future meteorologist can learn about weather together while setting up a weather station that may not be high-tech, but will definitely be educational. Your child will probably have more fun with it than with the digital monitor!



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