Soil and Leaf Sensors

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Do weather statiion kits include soil and leaf sensors?

Soil and Leaf Sensors

You're growing grapes and creating your own wine label. The Andrews' Special Reserve. Or should you design a grander name? How about WeatherWise Wine? You'll need heavy-duty weather station equipment, whether you live in Napa Valley or not. The least variation can affect your grapes, including:

* Wind--check, you have wind sensors
* Humidity--check, you have a hygrometer
* Storms--check, you have a barometer
* Rain--check, you have a rain gauge
* Conditions in separate areas--check, you have up to nine remote sensors
* Historical trends--check, you have software
* Soil and leaf moisture for the root stock--uh oh.

Complete pro weather station kits usually don't include soil and leaf sensors. Even Davis weather station kits sell soil and leaf moisture probes separately. If you're determined to grow grapes, you need a weather station that offers soil monitoring weather station equipment, which Davis sells but Oregon Scientific doesn't. The exception is the Cable Free All Weather Thermo Sensor with Waterproof Probe, which is a viable general moisture sensor for hard-to-monitor areas.

After all, you've spent the time and energy to grow the grapes and let the wine mature. The last thing you need is the sneer of a sommelier or wine steward who says, "No soil and leaf moisture sensor, I see." But if you invest in the proper weather station equipment, you can be the toast of wine tastings.



6/26/2011 5:01:08 AM
Alon Levy said:

It is true, every word.
Try LeafSen Leaf Sensor + Weather station all with Netafim IrriWise System.


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