Indoor Humidity Gauges

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Do I need to measure the humdity inside as well as outside?

Indoor Humidity Gauges

What is that green stuff on your bathroom wall? Is it an alien invasion? A Wes Cronenberg movie? No--just mold, which can damage your walls, floros and ceilings. Mold means the humidity in your home is higher than it should be.

An indoor humidity sensor is vital weather station equipment for the home. Believe it or not, low humidity or too little moisture in your house can cause as much damage as too-high humidity. Carpets can dry out rather than rot.

A rule of thumb: The ideal iside humidity is bewteen 30 and 60 percent, so insist on an indoor humidity sensor in your weather station kits. Many atomic clocks and weather station home monitors include indoor humidity readings.

After all, when that green slime appears in the sink, you want to be sure that your bathroom needs cleaning rather than that you need to move out. It's also a relief to know that you aren't the B-movie victim of the week.



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