Measuring Equipment at the Beach

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How can I use weather instruments at my beach home?

Measuring Equipment at the Beach relocated to the beach at last, Palm Beach or Laguna Beach or the coast of Maine. Other than hurricane advisories, you think, you don't need to know the weather. You'll know if storms are coming (particularly if you live on Pawleys Island in South Carolina, where a local ghost named the Gray Man reportedly foretells storms with a God-given accuracy that the most sophisticated weather station equipment can't match.)

Wrong. Life may be a beach, but you still need to know about high tide, low tide and sand/soil moisture. Just ask anyone recovering from a mudslide in California.

You can check sand erosion or possible erosion by monitoring the humidity and rainfall. You'll know whether you need to shore up the foundations of your beach cottage if you've had rainstorms. Wind can also displace sand, so check the wind direction and velocity.

You spent half your life working towards your dream to live at the beach. Weather station kits and weather station equipment will help you enjoy your oceanfront haven.



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