The Barometer Will See You Now

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Can a barometer help my in-home medical practice?

The Barometer Will See You Now

You've finally opened your own health clinic in your home. Insurance forms? Check. Lots of energy and caring? Check. Weather instrument? Put that on the requisition list.

Your whole motive for being a doctor or nurse was to help people, to make them comfortable. You don't want your patients to be sweating before they've even heard the diagnosis or seen your bill.

You regularly take your patients' temperature, but you need to take the temperature of the room, and make sure that no storms are coming--you don't want the power to go out in the middle of an exam! An outdoor rain gauge placed near your office is also useful for storm detection--rather like preventive medicine. The emphasis today in medicine is on early detection and treatment.

No need to worry about side effects either--weather station instrument interaction is safer than drug interaction. A wireless thermometer/barometer won't interfere with your other instruments. We like the Davis Perception II, which looks just like the pager that keeps going off. You might have changed the venue, but you're still a busy medical professional. A weather instrument can eliminate worry so you can focus on your patients. If only insurance companies were as helpful.



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