Digital or Turbine-Based?

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Should I buy a handheld wind direction sensor that's not digital?

Digital or Turbine-Based?

Is that a fan in your hand? It's not hot--in fact, your wireless thermometer said this morning that the outdoor temp was 30 degrees.

No, it isn't a portable fan, it's a turbine-based anemometer. While digital is inconspicuous (your friends carry enough electronic devices to supply Radio Shack), turbine-based wind direction sensor stands out. But it's better than you blowing about in the wind like a TV reporter in a hurricane.

A turbine-based wind direction and velocity sensor can actually be more accurate than a digital one. We like the Davis Turbo Meter Electronic Wind Speed Indicator or the LaCrosse Technology Hand-Held Anemometer, a weather station instrument combining the turbine wind direction/velocity sensor with a digital display that includes the wind chill.

Now that the temperature is warm again, everyone wants the fan in your hand. Your cell phone never attracted this much attention--especially since it just predicted a gale headed this way.



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