Driving Like the Wind

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How can I detect wind direction when driving?

Driving Like the Wind

Cell phones, drive-through fast food, the radio...now you have another distraction to contend with on the road: the wind. And the temperature. Do you want to add a wireless thermometer weather station instrument and risk a traffic accident?

Maybe so. You don't want to be surprised when the wind hits your car (which feels scary given all the stories about road rage), but you want to drive safely. Some hints for tracking weather on the road:

* Check your hand-held wind direction sensor in the parking lot and in the driveway.
* Like cell phones, you should avoid using wind direction sensors when you're in heavy traffic.
* Use cell phone mounts, clips and car organizers to keep your wireless thermometer and other weather station instrument within sight so you can just glance at them while keeping your eye on the road.

You've determined that you have to drive eastbound against the wind. Drive more slowly, since wind can delay traffic, especially in sandy areas or construction areas with debris.

Many GPS navigators track weather as well as traffic and travel routes, but until you buy a GPS navigator to distract you, a wind direction sensor can be a valuable automotive resource. Thank goodness companies don't make a rain gauge you can check in the car.



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